About me

I'm a qualified Amatsu Soft Tissue Therapist and Yoga Teacher.


I discovered Amatsu when I injured my ankle during a running event in the Lake District. Someone saw me stumble and came over to help me. They did ‘something’ to my ankle, knee and leg and I was able to stand and walk again. It turned out to be Amatsu. It amazed me. I searched for a therapist near me and went for regular treatments for years until the timing was right for me to train as a therapist.

I left my corporate career in 2018, so that I could pursue a more balanced lifestyle, teaching Yoga, studying and helping people to look after their own health. In late 2019, I  qualified as an Amatsu Therapist  to Anma level and  successfully completed my training to teach the 8 week Mindfulness course (MBCT) .  And at the end of  2020, I gained a further Amatsu Therapist qualification to Seitai Level.

My aspirations are to enable people to maximise their freedom of movement and remain as mobile as possible, for as long as possible. Teaching yoga, practicing as an Amatsu therapist and teaching Mindfulness are perfect partners for supporting individuals with both their physical and mental health.