What is Amatsu ?

Amatsu is a therapeutic bodywork approach working with the soft tissue and fascia with its roots in Japan. For thousands of years, martial arts masters have used the principles of natural movement and their understanding that everything in the body is interconnected, to repair injuries sustained during training and fighting. Today, Amatsu practitioners use the same principles in this very soft therapy to create small subtle changes that have a far reaching impact.

Amatsu is a holistic complementary therapy which looks at your body as a whole.

The gentle approach of Amatsu restores balance to the body by treating the root cause of pain, not just the symptoms. The body is completely interconnected, therefore if one muscle, bone, tendon or ligament is out of alignment, tight or injured, it can cause a whole host of other symptoms as the body starts to adapt as a way of minimising future problems.

Amatsu practitioners assess and treat the structural and muscular alignment of the whole body, i.e.  the feet, the knees, the pelvis, the spine, the head and shoulders. If these structures have good alignment and can move freely, then the body is able to function effectively as a fully integrated unit.

Why does an Amatsu balance need the whole body to be checked ?

The body is one integrated unit. When any one part of the body is affected through injury of any kind (eg. trauma, overuse, postural stress), this has an impact on the whole body, causing it to ‘adapt’ as a way of minimising and preventing further problems . This adaptation is a perfectly natural protective mechanism. It is only by assessment and treatment of the whole body, that Amatsu practitioners can find the adaptations and misalignments, which subsequently affect structure and posture.

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